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We know that there are several different options for vehicle window tinting. We also know that you may consider doing it yourself. Your car is an important investment, therefore it’s important to use a company with experience, great reviews and excellent products.  ProShield Glass Tinting has all of these. We are licensed and insured with over 30 years of experience and we get the job done right the first time, fast and guaranteed.   All our window film products are manufactured by Madico Window Film, a leader in solar control window film technology. At ProShield Glass Tinting we take pride in the consistency of our work, working diligently and providing the highest quality tinting experience to our customers at an affordable price.


All personal vehicle window tinting is done in our shop located in Southington, Connecticut. We have experience with cars of every size, make, and model and have worked with classic, luxury and standard cars. Pricing is based on type of film, number of windows, make, and model of vehicle and type of service but tinting services generally start at $109 and up.


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Do You Have a Camper or Recreational Vehicle?

  ProShield Glass Tinting has experience installing window tint in campers and recreational vehicles. Glass tinting in an RV or camper can serve a number of important purposes that are very similar to the benefits to a personal vehicle.

  • Increased privacy –One of the main aesthetic advantages of window tint is that it can block people on the outside from being able to see inside the vehicle. This is a huge advantage, especially if you are living in your RV for long periods.
  • Reflection of UV light –Window tint reflects UV light off the surface of the glass. This is beneficial because high and prolonged exposure to UV light can increase your chances of developing skin cancer. The side windows and windshield in your RV can expose you to these harmful UV rays. The glass generally prevents UVB light from entering the vehicle, but not always UVA light. Window tint can reduce the amount of UVA/B light penetration by up to 99%. 
  • Reflection of heat –Vehicles heat quickly when exposed to the sun. Window tint helps to keep your RV cool. The tint itself is made of multiple layers, which absorb the heat of the sunlight. This prevents it from entering your vehicle and heating the interior.Regulating temperature in your RV is important for several reasons – it helps you feel more comfortable, reduces the risk of dehydration and heatstroke and  reduces damage to the interior of your RV.This is particularly helpful in summer when the risk of overheating is much higher. It also means that you won’t need to use the air conditioner as much. This will save on fuel usage and hence cost, making window tint a great economic investment.
  • Increased strength of the glass – Window tint increases the strength of your RV windows and makes them less likely to shatter in the event of an accident, during high windows or when hit with an object

Connecticut RV/Camper Tinting Regulations

Legally, in Connecticut, the top 29 inches of the windshield can be tinted and the rear and side windows must have 32% light transmittance.



While we all love the sun, the truth is that repeated exposure to harmful UV rays is dangerous and destructive to our skin and our vehicle interiors. According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, “Nearly 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left, or drivers’ side, of the body.”  Window film installation in your vehicle can block nearly 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting you, your passengers and your investments.


Even without air conditioning, you can experience a cooler and more comfortable vehicle interior. With the latest high-quality window films, you can experience heat reduction rates of over 60%. Infra-red rejection means your air conditioning system won’t need to work as hard, which can add up to better gas mileage in the long run.  


Glare occurs when too-bright light enters the eyes and interferes with vision. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sun glare causes approximately 9,000 accidents per year, and is the second environmental-related reason drivers get into crashes, with the first being slick roads.  Quality tint installation can reduce sun and headlight glare significantly, creating a safer driving environment and reducing eye strain and fatigue.


Our window films represent the ultimate combination of quality, function, and style. Accent the look of your car, home or business, while taking advantage of the latest in window film technology. Choose from many options for personalization including different shades of tint for your vehicle to create the aesthetic that you desire!


No one ever expects that they’ll be the victim of a car crime.  Having tinting on the windows of your vehicle can help conceal your belongings. If a would-be thief is scouring a parking lot for a victim, they are more likely to skip right over your car, truck or SUV if they can’t see what’s inside. Sure, they can put their face up to the window, but this raises attention to their actions – something they want to avoid at all costs. Additionally, safety tints make it very difficult for anyone to smash and grab, should they still want to take a chance. Safety tints can additionally help keep glass together in the event of an accident or an object hitting the window.

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