Your boat is an investment worth protecting.

Your boat should not be trusted to just any tinting installer. It’s important to use a company with experience, great reviews and excellent products.  ProShield Glass Tinting has all of these. We are licensed and insured with over 30 years of experience and we get the job done right the first time, fast and guaranteed.   All of our window film products are manufactured by Madico Window Film, a leader in solar control window film technology. At ProShield Glass Tinting we take pride in the consistency of our work, working diligently and providing the highest quality tinting experience to our customers at an affordable price.

Boat owners are slowly learning that marine window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look and comfort of their boat. Whether you own a small boat, or a luxury yacht, you bought it to be able to enjoy the good weather days. That means plenty of sunshine. The marine environment offers a challenge to watersport enthusiasts. In addition to the sun reflecting and glinting off of the water, mist and spray from the bow cutting through waves creates a lot of reflective particles. This, in addition to the fact that there are no objects, such as trees, mountains, or buildings to cut or block the glare can be very harsh on the eyes and damaging to the skin. Your vessel’s interior is also not immune to the damaging effects of UV-A and UV-B rays penetrating through windows and cracking vinyl and leather upholstery or fading them along with carpets and window treatments. Blocking these damaging rays with high-quality marine-approved tints and films can prolong the life of your boat and also keep your air conditioning needs to a minimum. Keep yourself and your vessel healthy and ship-shape with aesthetic and protective Marine window tinting.


  • Safety from UV radiation – According to studies, 90% of known cases of skin cancer were caused by UV radiation. Unfortunately, you’re highly exposed when you’re in the water. The right amount of tint can block most of the UV rays.
  • Decreased glare – You’ve probably had problems with glare on a sunny day. Tinting your windows can decrease the glare for better navigation. Your eyes can also be protected.
  • Helps cool the boat interior – The heat from the sun could enter your boat through the windows. Tinting boat windows can block the sun rays which helps create a cooler boat interior.
  • Energy saver – You can decrease your use of air conditioning since the interior of your boat is cooler. If needed, your AC doesn’t have to be on at its fullest. Thus, you can save energy.
  • Better privacy – Your boat is at risk even when not in use. You can keep away prying eyes from eyeing your valuables with a tinted window.
  • Better protection – Shattered boat windows are dangerous. Boat window tint could hold the window together until you’re able to replace it.
  • Property protection – UV radiation doesn’t just damage your skin and eyes but also your gadgets. Tinted windows can prolong their life when you’re always in the water.

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