Your company vehicles are a reflection of your business.

An important company asset and marketing tool should not be trusted to just any tinting installer. It’s important to use a company with experience, great reviews and excellent products.  ProShield Glass Tinting has all of these. We are licensed and insured with over 30 years of experience and we get the job done right the first time, fast and guaranteed.   All our window film products are manufactured by Madico Window Film, a leader in solar control window film technology. At ProShield Glass Tinting we take pride in the consistency of our work, working diligently and providing the highest quality tinting experience to our customers at an affordable price.

Window tinting reduces the heat in your vehicle, improves visibility, and significantly boosts vehicle security. These are all benefits that any business fleet could benefit from. Business fleets, in fact, have even more to gain from each minor improvement made because these improvements are multiplied by your vehicles. Any reduction in fuel costs, driver efficiency, or equipment maintenance can equal hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings each year. Not to mention better stats.

When all your business vehicles look sleek and stylish, even the trucks and vans, this leaves an impression with your clients. Tinted business vehicles show that your team is using more than the bare-minimum in branded equipment. You’re customizing and optimizing, which is what clients like to see.

We service commercial, municipal and first responder fleets throughout Connecticut, either in our shop in Southington or remotely for a larger fleet (travel fees will be included in the fleet quote).



While we all love the sun, the truth is that repeated exposure to harmful UV rays is dangerous and destructive to our skin and our vehicle interiors. According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, “Nearly 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left, or drivers’ side, of the body.”  Window film installation in your vehicle can block nearly 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting you and your team.


When the sun shines on your fleet vehicles, they heat up. Often quite a bit. It then requires energy, and thus fuel, to run the AC and keep the vehicle cool. A vehicle sitting in the sun will be baking hot and must be cooled before your team can drive. And out on the open highway, the AC expends fuel to keep your drivers and passenger-teams cool. With window tinting, less sunlight makes it through the windows which can keep each truck or van cooler all year long. This saves you on AC fuel expense and can even improve your overall gas mileage for spending less on blasting AC day to day.


When vehicles bake in the sun, it does more than cost fuel to cool them. The valuable equipment inside can take damage. Anything made of plastic, for example, may melt or warp in the heat. Even some metal products can take heat damage in a hot car. Most of the time, this damage only happens when vehicles are parked in the sun during the day. This is a time when only passive methods can protect the equipment stored inside. Window tinting is uniquely useful in keeping business vehicles cooler when they are parked. This way, the equipment within never reaches the same temperature heights and is much less likely to take heat damage as a result.


No doubt you’ve seen a few vehicles that sat in the sun so long that the upholstery changed colors. Window tinting prevents those direct beams of sunlight and their harmful UV rays from bleaching your seat upholstery. Your fleet vehicles will retain their resale value and respectable appearance even with years of daily use and sunny parking spots.


Tinting reduces the glare that makes it through the windshield and windows, which can help your drivers to see the road and surrounding conditions more clearly. They will be able to navigate the road safely no matter what the ambient light is doing or what direction it’s coming from.

This is especially important if your drivers frequently drive on wet streets, at night, in the snow, or under the glaring afternoon sun.


Work vehicles are often stocked with valuable equipment. From power tools to diagnostic computers, your company’s trucks and vans likely have something of value inside. Unfortunately, there are always people looking for parked, unattended vehicles with value to steal. Even if your trucks and vans are well-secured or alarm-protected, temptation can still lead to dents and scratches from hoodlums trying to break in.

Tinted windows add an interesting layer of security: Visual obscurity. If local trouble-makers can’t see inside your trucks, they can’t make out anything worth trying to steal.


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